The Pearls of the lake

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Garda lake holidays DESENZANO DEL GARDA


With about 26´000 inhabitants, Desenzano del Garda is the largest town on Garda Lake . Its centre lies approx. 3 kilometres west from the Palace Hotel. In any case, Desenzano worths a visit for its culture, gastronomic interest or just for shopping. Market lovers shouldn´t miss the large market on the front lake Cesare Battisti, which takes place every Tuesday.

Garda lake holidays SIRMIONE


Sirmione is located on the southern bank of Garda Lake at the end of a peninsula, approximately 4 km north-east from Palace Hotel. History lovers will certainly thoroughly enjoy the remains of Santa Maria Maggiore's church, San Pietro's church, the Catull Grottos and the Scaligers Castle. But also who is less interested in history will like Sirmione´s lovely italian ice-cream corners and Cafés, its turquoise water, the hills with olive trees and the narrow medieval alleys.

Garda lake holidays VERONA


In only 30 min by car, you can reach Verona. When Verona was admitted to the list of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the city was characterized as „a place which represents in an outstanding way all stages of European history". Main attractions: the Roman amphitheater and the Arena changes each summer into a gigantic open air stage for the opera festival. Whether for a historical-architectural sightseeing, for an opera attendance or for shopping, Verona will certainly charm you as well.

Garda lake holidays BRESCIA


It is one of the most beautiful art cities of Northern Italy. Not only for its museums, but also for the architectural richness of squares. The Gallery, located in a 17th century building, houses paintings of the main protagonists of the Renaissance. As starting point of the Mille Miglia, each year you can meet historic cars. For lovers of good wine only a few kilometres away is situated the Franciacorta zone where sparkling wine is produced with a centuries-old tradition.

Garda lake holidays SALO'


Walking through the narrow streets flanked by olive groves and lemon trees or just accessing the harbor by boat, you will find a small town that lies in the Garda Lake basin. The alleys through the historic centre and the beautiful promenade with its cafes, will invite you to stop and dream.

Garda lake holidays GARDONE RIVIERA


The "Vittoriale", once residence of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, is still a highlight where each summer special events take place. Don't miss a visit to the Botanical Garden: a harmonious space between more than 3000 species of plants, artificial structures and contemporary sculptures. Walking along the promenade of the Lake, you can discover the aristocratic air of once which becomes a lounge in the evening where to take an aperitif, a dinner in the moonlight or listening to live music.

Garda lake holidays MANTOVA


Art-historical treasures await you in Mantova, with its impressing buildings from the Renaissance and the unique atmosphere, which you can enjoy on the Piazza Broletto, Erbe and Sordello.
Surrounded by three lakes, this charming city, represented already at the Gonzaga sovereigns time, a centre of art and artists.
You can't miss its gastronomic specialities like Risotto Mantova style, pumpkin Ravioli and Sbrisolona cake.

Garda lake holidays DESENZANO DEL GARDA Garda lake holidays SIRMIONE Garda lake holidays VERONA Garda lake holidays BRESCIA Garda lake holidays SALO' Garda lake holidays GARDONE RIVIERA Garda lake holidays MANTOVA
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